What Would You Call “Adulting”?

Carla Delgado  

On various social media websites, you would often notice many people saying that they don’t know how to adult. It’s not an official word, but the term just basically means trying to be an adult. You’d see people wishing they learned about how to do their taxes or learning about stocks and mortgage in school. Most people already feel lost as such a young age.

I personally know how this feels. I am 20, and I just graduated college a few months ago. As someone who isn’t really interested in a corporate job, I am a theatre practitioner and freelance writer, which practically screams lack of stability. Right after graduating, I felt lost and didn’t know what to do. I suddenly needed all these IDs from different institutions. I had to learn a lot of stuff in a very short time.

People criticize Millennials and Gen Zeds for not thinking about our future: not saving up, preferring not to have babies, being more career-oriented, etc. The thing is, we Gen Zeds don’t feel like we’re adults because we can’t do the things that make us feel like one. Parents often say that our age, they had one stable job to pay off their college education and save up for a house. With the kind of environment that we have now, we simply can’t pull that off. We’d have 2 side jobs while going through college and still being buried in tons of debt. This is exactly what makes people in their 20s to feel as if they haven’t accomplished anything yet, because there is always the comparison in the generations. Lots of things are different that we can’t really have the same standards.

So what would we call “adulting” now? Maybe it’s about time we try and redefine people’s expectations as to what an individual should have achieved at a certain age. The much better plan of action is actually to make people realize that life is not a race. It is important to take everything at your own pace. Don’t measure yourself with other people’s accomplishments. You don’t need success to know you’re good enough.

When it comes to achieving goals, don’t wait until you have achieved success to be proud of yourself. Be proud of yourself for every step of the way that it took you to get there.