The journey to happiness

Reannah Patrick

I know the person who wrote this book and to think she has had to be so strong for so long breaks my heart. This woman is a big inspiration to all women and men who battle with mental health every single day. This book assists in showing them there is still light at the end of a dark day. I, being one who battles with my own emotions reading this book made me realize I have to keep fighting for my daughter and my family’s sake, it helped me realize that someone truly cares!

I highly recommend this book to every young and old person – being it woman or man,  mental health or not,  this is a good book that needs to be read, one that needs to be heard! 

Sarah Battison
The Journey to Happiness

Sarah Battison, author of the “The Journey to Happiness,”  has been generous enough to provide The Elixir with a briefing on her book, in her feedback she said, “The Journey to Happiness is a poignant and truthful account of the struggles of my life written in poetic expression. It talks of grief, of relationships, of mental health problems, addiction, abuse and more. I wrote the Journey to Happiness with the hope of providing inspiration and motivation to others who have struggled. The book is a beacon of light to encourage others not to give up fighting.”