Once Upon a Star

 Esra’ Al-Naggar

I am not one of those who ultimately believe that all people belonging to, say Gemini horoscope should act and dress the same. That all should have the same strengths and weaknesses, the same preferences, desires and fears. I believe that our circumstances and the environments from which we evolve; play a great deal in shaping who we are. This is where the Western Astrology comes in. The Western astrology looks into a human being as an individual leaving room for change of personality and circumstances in life. Unlike Eastern Astrology which offers acceptance and sacrifice, the Western one provides psychological interpretations and  potential for change.

There is a reason why the stars and planets were lined the way they were on the day you and I were born. And this is probably why people born “under the same star” are considered alike in a way or another. It is true that they could still be different due to differences in circumstances.

Astrologers have done humanity a great favor in studying the stars. They helped give us a glimpse of a person’s basic characteristics. They helped us know who we truly are. Talking from personal experience, reading about horoscopes – those concerned with personality traits – have helped me understand myself and the people around me. Of course, it isn’t always applicable, but when it is, it could really surprise you.

As it is known by almost everyone today, there are 12 zodiac signs. They are different from each other, have their own strengths, weaknesses and specific traits. Each zodiac belongs to one of the four elements (Water, Fire, Earth and Air). Each one of those elements represents an essential type of energy that acts in each of us. Understanding those elements helps us focus our energies on the positive aspects and gain a better knowledge of our potential, positive traits and helps us deal with the negative ones.

Through the coming 12 months, I would like to invite you to read about your horoscope, here on The Elixir. 12 zodiac signs throughout 12 months, everything on both men and women, on Love and Relationship, Family and Friends, Career and Money, the History, the Symbol and much more.