Let’s start breaking

Let’s Start Breaking

Michael Akuchie

at the close of day    i carry the sun home    its light calls my body friend 

i walk to my sleep    pile of ruins glowing

i scream in silence hugging a beer can’s soul    digging in its guts for comfort

i host two cities in my head    Lagos blooms within    Benin City isn’t far away

i long for Benin’s voice    flesh of stories

here i am dying on Lagos’ tongue    attaching myself to all that smoke

all that terror in traffic    i swallow a road

stretch of land splashed across with asphalt    i hate having cars run through me

hooting & racing    i am a curse

i don’t hang from a lover’s lips  i never serve as a route to salvation

i sit close to loss    catch its emotionless stare explore my body.

we hold hands for comfort   i make a home for loss

i am seconds from flooding my body    self-drowning is a thing.

grief knocks     a polite void where i go at nighttime.

i know my shadow loves to wander     get wrapped in a prayer

get turned down by God     get together with hate.

i like my body when it breaks     beautifully written as a tragedy

scripted to hurt       modeled after a human nightmare.

Nigerian-based Michael Akuchie is a poet who writes from a lonely street in his head.

He has works on Barren Magazine, Anti-Heroin Chic Mag, Vagabond City Lit, Kalahari Review, peculiars magazine and elsewhere.
He studies English at University of Benin, Nigeria.