Why The Elixir?

There are times when you wake up early, take your coffee, tea or whatever caffeine you depend on for boosting your system and then usually, look for a form of entertainment. Before technology took over, it was the morning paper! We know, because we all had parents who would disappear behind that huge paper we often thought of as: boring!

         Esra’ AlNaggar

As we grow older we learn to crave similar forms of entertainment, for many of us it is TV, but for others it could be dragging a magazine from the tea table and flipping it over. Why a magazine? A magazine presents you with a handsome variety of articles, plus they are very nice to look at! You could finish your tea with a little bit of knowledge on the latest fashion trends, business deals, a recipe or two and in many cases a motivational article that might change your life forever.

There is no denying that smart phones have ripped us off of such simple pleasure as breathing in the smell of a morning paper or a magazine.  The good news is, the benefit can still be grasped! Here is the deal: You can either waste your morning tea on social networks, or you can drag WordPress app to your front page and jump in to see what The Elixir has on its plate for your morning, your choice!

Elixir helps create the quality morning an early riser deserves, achieved of course by the steaming tea on your right hand and our magazine on the left!

Founder & Editor- In- Chief
Esra’ Al-Naggar


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