Day One, Not one day

Carla Delgado

Most people treat the approach of the New Year as a chance to make some changes in their life. More often than not, you will hear people say they would change their ways or start something new when the New Year comes. However, we should remember that January 1 is not the only day that we can put some changes into effect. Remember, Day One, not One Day.

Every day is a new opportunity to make some changes or try something new, whether it is making some lifestyle changes or enrolling in a new hobby. Do not sit and wait for the New Year to come, always saying, “Maybe one day.” to the things you want to change. You can always take an action immediately after you made the decision. The thing is, we keep putting it off when we really shouldn’t. We keep making reasons for it, trying to justify why we don’t want to do it immediately.

You want to try some new sport? Go ahead and see where and how you can try it out and train for it. You want to learn how to play an instrument? Ask around or search about where you can get a tutor. You want to lose some weight? Try cutting some food out of your diet starting the soonest Monday.

Changes are difficult, and that is the reason why we keep putting it off as much as we can, but we have to accept the truth – change is the only thing constant in life. We all know it’s hard, but we must keep pushing through it and reap the success afterward. Do not be afraid to take little steps. Slow progress is still progress. When it comes to achieving goals, it is important to remember who we are doing it for. The correct answer is: for ourselves.

Trying out a new sport for a person to like you will not keep up your motivation to try the new thing out. Losing weight strictly because you want to look like the people you see in magazines and not because you want to actually become healthy will not work out as well as you expect it to be. Set goals, but have rationale too. Do not be afraid to make failures, because the only real failure is if you didn’t learn anything. If you picked up something along the way, it’s not a mistake.

2019 is here. Let us all look forward to what’s ahead of us, may it be good things or bad things, because all of it will continue to help us develop into the best version of ourselves.