Another Brick Falls

Another Brick Falls 

The Wonderer

You hang on to the last ray of hope, thinking your dream would come true.

You hang on it, telling yourself it is a reality just to keep going on.

You think you are able to build the dream but then you put the last brick on the wall only to have another fall.

And then you fall…

You had wished to fall but with your feet on the ground, a different kind of falling, another dimension of life. But you fell, you fell out of place, you fell out of hope.

You tried again to put another brick in place but this time you had no hope.

You are trying to build yourself from the inside, cause no one knows what a rick you are.

They only see your smile; they only know your chi.

They don’t know what you are going through, no one does, and only few cares.

You keep looking for that hope to hang on to it, not realizing you are your own hope.

You are your own salvation, as long as you stay strong, as long as you keep smiling.

You don’t need to fall to rise, you are rising, and you are standing.

Don’t fall, keep on hoping!