Adds lives to yours

Since we are new, we would like to give you a glimpse of who we are and what we are doing on

In the same way that the “Elixir of Life” is meant to increase your time on this planet “The Elixir Magazine” adds years to yours, not in number but in knowledge.

Elixir is a new online magazine created and managed by passionate readers and writers. We believe that all battles can be won as long as we are armored by the written word.   We work to provide high quality material that lives up to the international standards of online magazines. WordPress is our first step. What we aim at is an international magazine available both on paper and on the internet.  

Criticism helps us grow so do not hesitate to share your opinion. If you love to write and would like to contribute to our magazine please send us your work via the following email:

Please note that we do not pay for the articles we share on our blog…yet!   

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